Jaguar Just Did Something Really Uncalled For With Its New SUV

Talk about an exciting reveal.

To show theworld how exiting the new Jaguar F-Pace really is, Jaguar decided to do somethingthat was really uncalled for. The automaker went out and sent a fully preppedF-Pace up a 63-foot-tall loop right after unveiling it to the masses. Oh,Jaguar also managed to set a Guinness World Record in the process. The world record was part of Jaguar's 80th birthday celebration. Seriously, is there any better way to say happy birthday to yourself then by setting a world record? No, no there isn't.

British stuntdriver Terry Grant was piloting the F-Pace around the insane loop and had towithstand forces of up to 6.5 Gs. Watch the video below to see the familyhauler do something extremely sporty.

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