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Jaguar-Land Rover Has A New Spokesperson To Say How Cool Its Cars Are

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Your feelings about who it is may be mixed.

Jaguar's Super Bowl commercial featuring A-list actors Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong playing villains driving Jaguars was one of the coolest car commercials ever. Now Jaguar-Land Rover is turning to Adam Ferrara. Ferrara is known for his comedy and acting in addition to being one of the hosts of "Top Gear USA." He's also known for destroying some of the cars he test drove. This destruction may be why some people didn't care for the show.

In this new ad, Ferrara takes the Range Rover Sport SVR around a track in the Top Gear style while showing us some of the vehicle's cooler features such as the awesome exhaust.

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The Range Rover Sport SVR is simply badass with the V8 engine borrowed from the F-Type and a growling exhaust to match. If you want an F-Type that comfortably seats five people and your stuff, this is definitely the SUV for you. JLR also gave Adam the keys to the F-Type in a continuation of the video series, so you can enjoy seeing another JLR product being thrashed by the TG USA host.