Jaguar Land Rover Launches Luxury Home Chargers

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You read that right - even EV chargers can now be made opulent.

In the upper echelons of the car market, words like "bespoke" and "exclusive" are, ironically, commonplace. You can customize treadplates, dashboards, seats, paint, wheels, and so much more. You can also get matching merchandise, from a custom razor blade to a branded guitar. But what if you've bought yourself a stylish new plug-in hybrid, commissioned special paint and upholstery, and want that finishing touch to show you're serious about style? Well, Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Andersen EV to bring you "luxury, high-quality" home chargers.

Andersen offers "customizable, high-end vehicle charge points" made for the "most discerning of customers." Any time you hear the phrase "for the most discerning of customers," be prepared to pay more than you should.

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As a customized product, pricing will vary. What we do know is that Andersen's A2 home charger will be offered in 96 color and finish combinations, among them "precision-engineered metal or sustainably sourced Accoya wood." The charger itself is available as either a 7-kilowatt or a 22-kW system and is compatible with all electrified JLR vehicles, including the Range Rover Hybrid. On the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, the 7-kW charger will take 13 hours to fully replenish a depleted battery while the 22-kW charger will do it in eight hours. Hybrid vehicles will naturally charge much quicker; the F-Pace will take just three hours to fully recharge.

Andersen EV promises that each charger will boast the "same attention to detail, exceptional materials, and great features you expect with your Jaguar" and that each charger is made to order in the UK.

Andersen EV Andersen EV

In addition, a smartphone app allows you to remotely lock the charger, as well as schedule and track your energy consumption and costs.

"Our new strategy set out how Jaguar Land Rover would reimagine the future of modern luxury by design, and our new partnership with Andersen EV reflects that," said JLR's UK managing director, Rawdon Glover.

Rob Mouser, Andersen EV executive chairman, added the following: "We are delighted to partner with two world-renowned brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, and be part of their respective electrified futures - collectively, we share a passion for pioneering, intelligent technology and service excellence. I'm sure Jaguar and Land Rover drivers love their homes as much as their vehicles, and now they have the chance to have installed a great-looking charger that fits with the design of their home, built with genuine craftsmanship, that is unlike anything else on the market."

Andersen EV Andersen EV Andersen EV Andersen EV

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