Jaguar Land Rover Provided 77 Cars for 'Skyfall'

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JLR to display Defender from new Bond movie at the Paris Motor Show. Look for Range Rovers and Jags in the movie, too.

James Bond has driven a wide variety of cars, many of them British: Aston Martin, Lotus, Bentley... but what about a Jaguar or Land Rover? It's been ten years since one last featured in "Die Another Day", in which 007 rammed a Range Rover into a parking-lot rail and a villain drove an XKR roadster with missiles and machine guns. But in the new movie "Skyfall", Jaguar Land Rover will feature in a big way, and the company is not about to let that opportunity pass.

All told, JLR provided a total of 77 vehicles for the production of "Skyfall". Some of them were used on camera and some were employed behind the scenes, but in the opening scene agent Eve drives a Land Rover Defender Double Cab Pickup alongside a speeding train, and the trailers also show a Range Rover and a Jaguar XJ speeding through London streets, but it's the Defender Double Cab which JLR will be displaying in Paris. That should be nice and everything, but what Bond fans will be looking forward to more is the debut of "Skyfall", which premiers in the UK on October 26 - 50 years after the debut of the first Bond film "Dr. No" - and in the US on November 9.

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