Jaguar Marks 25 Years of R Models

Jaguar's current range of performance coupes, convertibles and sedans are only the latest in a long line of supercharged super-cats.

You may not think of Jaguar's R range in the same way you would BMW's M or Mercedes-AMG, but the British automaker has been supercharging its sedans, coupes and convertibles for a solid 25 years now. The new XJR and XKR-S GT became the most recent additions to the lineup when they were unveiled last week, capping a quarter-century of performance that stretches back to the XJR and XJR-S of 1988. Jag made only a little over a thousand of each of those, but production quickly escalated after that.

The mid 90s saw 6547 examples of the second XJR sedan made, followed by 15,303 of the third, reaching nearly 24k with the first XKR. Following the fourth-generation XJR and the rare S-Type R in the mid-2000s, these days Jaguar’s performance range includes the XFR, XFR-S, XKR, XKR-S, XKR-S GT and XJR, comprising a line-up of performance models that can dice it with the best Germany has to throw at it. We’re looking forward to another 25 years.

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