Jaguar Moving Next XK Upmarket

With the new F-Type filling the sportscar role, there's room for the next XK coupe and convertible to move into new territory for Jaguar. But just where will that territory be?

Jaguar's XK has a bit of a split personality, designed as it was to be a sports coupe with nimble handling on the one hand and a luxurious GT on the other. Combining those two attributes is a difficult challenge, but Jaguar seemed to have pulled it off with aplomb. Fortunately, however, the next XK won't have to straddle that divide. Because the new F-Type serves as a more focused sportscar for the British automaker, the next-generation XK coupe and convertible could move upwards, in terms of both size and price point.

Word on the British street is that the next XK could move up a class to compete with the Aston Martin DB9 and Bentley Continental GT. The cabin could therefor grow from a 2+2 configuration to a proper four-seater, although we're a bit intrigued by what Jaguar design director Ian Callum said when speaking to Autocar. In Callum's eyes, the emergence of the F-Type could "allow the [next XK] to become a bit more special than a GT." Just what Callum means by that, we don't know. Could Jaguar be preparing to take the next XK into a different body-style, following Ferrari's lead with a shooting brake, or maybe a four-door coupe? We'll have to wait and see.

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