Jaguar Plans More Special Editions

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More extreme and luxurious variants of its models form part of Jaguar's expansion plans.

The XKR-S is the fastest and most powerful mass-produced Jaguar of all time, while the XJ Ultimate edition shows what the British automaker can do with its lavish cabin. Both are six-figure cars that Jaguar believes have paved the way for more special editions to come. According to Autocar, these top-of-the-line specials, and upgrade packages such as the XFR Speed Pack, have given Jaguar the impetus to launch even more options and exclusive luxury models as part of its plans for expansion.

Speaking with the UK publication, global brand director Adrian Hallmark said: "It's clear from our research that Jaguar has a strong enough brand name to participate in more of this sort of business. We've proven that we can build £100,000-plus cars that sell, and these projects are one way of pushing the brand further upmarket." Without giving away any specifics, Hallmark stressed that in order to break into areas such a small saloons and crossovers, it was essential to create higher-priced vehicles. "We must push what we have into the areas where we can gain sales and then look at what else is out there."

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