Jaguar Proceeding with Q-Type SUV

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Patent applications reveal that Jaguar has applied to register the names XQ and Q-Type, signaling a new SUV model is in the works.

Operating under common ownership and direction, Jaguar Land Rover offers cars on the one hand and SUVs on the other. Want a traditional two- or four-door car? JLR will gladly fit you for a Jaguar. Fancy something taller? Land Rover may have just the ticket. But while the LR side of the partnership isn't about to start making sedans, Jaguar has long been rumored to be considering an SUV of its own. Now that appears to be coming to fruition as reports of a trademark application reveal that model could be called either the Q-Type or XQ.

Following the introduction of all-wheel drive for the XF and XJ sedans, the arrival of a Jaguar crossover SUV would seem the next logical step. (Or at least, it would if its sister brand didn't already have that market covered.) Speculation has it that the high-riding Jag would more likely be based on the Evoque's platform than the larger Range Rover, which would likely mean principally four- and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, with a hybrid thrown in for good measure. Jaguar could opt, however, to base its crossover off one of its existing platforms, like the XF's or the upcoming XS small sedan, which is itself tipped to be based on the F-Type's.

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