Jaguar Releases "Desire" Trailer

Watch the full trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming short film "Desire" staring Damian Lewis and the Jaguar F-Type.

In the mold of "The Transporter" and BMW's "The Hire" series, this latest short film stars a British actor making a delivery in a fast car. Switch Jason Stratham and Clive Owen for Damian Lewis (of Homeland fame) and a souped-up Audi or Bimmer for the new F-Type and you've got "Desire". The upcoming short film, created in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates for the all-new Jaguar F-Type, carried the ominous tagline: “One man. One job. But in the desert, nothing is simple.”

That alone should be enough to reel you in for the next 90 seconds. Predictably the focus is on the flame-red F-Type speeding through the desert. But there's also a pretty girl, a Bond-cool Lewis and a gun-wielding gangster thrown in to keep you interested. Check it out below.

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