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Jaguar Reveals FEEL XE Experience for Paris Fashion Week

It's just a fashion thing.

AsJaguar prepares to officially launch the XE sedan at the Paris Motor Show, thecompany has teamed up with fashion designer Stella McCartney to create a fleetof one-off XE's for the Paris Fashion Week. The FEEL XE Experience cars willbe used to chauffer fashion VIPs around the city, to provide them with an "Exhilaratingtaste of cultural highlights that are unique to Paris”. Presumably,these odd looking cars are one of those highlights.

McCartney dressed the XEs in her spring 2015 superhero print, stating “itwas interesting to adapt my playful Superhero print for the XE, adding afeeling of empowerment to its exhilarating design - I can’t wait to see it onthe streets of Paris”. We're not sure that the residents of Paris, orthe VIPs who will be forced to ride in these cars, would agree with her.

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