Jaguar Rewriting History By Building More XKSS Roadsters


And no, you definitely can't afford it.

We love it when a manufacturer takes parts from an old model and builds a limited production for a few lucky customers. The DeLorean Motor Company, for example, is building a low volume of DMC-12s. And now Jaguar has announced it will build a car from its past once again. Jaguar Classic, Jaguar's in-house restoration works, will be tasked with building nine XKSS Roadsters that were supposed to be built back in 1957. Unfortunately, a massive fire at Jaguar’s Browns Lane facility prevented them from seeing the light of day.

Jaguar was meant to produce 25 examples of the XKSS, but the fire limited production to just 16 models. Five of the cars that were in production were destroyed as well as all of the tools to build the rest. Now, the final nine cars will finally be produced with original 1957 specifications. This means the cars will be powered by a 250-hp inline-six with a four-speed manual transmission. This meant that the original cars could hit 60 mph in 5.5 seconds and a 143-mph top speed. Those are insane numbers for the 1950s! No wonder why Steve McQueen had one! If you can afford it, you will be able to choose from five original colors, Old English White, British Racing Green, black, red, or gray.

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You can also choose from certain original options such as a luggage rack, and a folding top. You will also be able to get one feature that was never offered, a fuel gauge. These new cars may not be street legal because of emissions and safety regulations. The cars will cost $1.5 million and five are already sold. If you can afford one, you are basically buying a rolling piece of art, but what a wonderful piece of art it is.