Jaguar's 3 Series Fighter Will be an Aluminum Beast

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With big plans to take on its German rivals, Jaguar will soon have a full assortment of assault weapons made of lightweight aluminum.

Jaguar currently has a hit on its hands with its all-new F-Type roadster. The coupe counterpart is just around the corner, and the UK automaker has now finalized its immediate near future plans in its quest to make a few certain German automakers worry. Perhaps they should. Jaguar's upcoming 3 Series fighter is reportedly just 18 months away from its official debut and will be ready sometime in 2015. The spy shots you see here are the prototype with XF body panels, so this isn't the final design.

Based on a stretched version of the F-Type's rear-wheel-drive platform and rumored to be named the XS, this entry-level Jag will have a lightweight aluminum construction. More than likely, it'll share the F-Type's supercharged six-cylinder engines with a turbocharged four-pot and diesel offering also in the cards. But perhaps the biggest news here is that Jaguar will launch an all-aluminum range, in addition to the XS, which will include a wagon and crossover at around the same time. Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but with Frankfurt just around the corner, we'll soon know all of Jag's dirty little secrets.

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