Jaguar's Already Dead C-X75 is Incredible

There are only five in the world and not even a limited production run will happen.

Only five of them exist and they’ll be considered prototypes forever. That’s because Jaguar won't build a production version of its beautiful C-X75 hypercar. It debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show and was built in commemoration of Jag's 75th anniversary. Power came from four electric motors powered by turbines, aka jet engines. Unfortunately, development costs were just too high and Jaguar scrapped the project entirely. Instead, Jaguar said it would build a gas-electric version, limited to just 250 examples.

Then that was cancelled altogether. All that’s left today are the aforementioned prototypes. And now the guys at XCAR get the once in a lifetime opportunity to take one out for an official test drive. Based on its performance specs alone, it’s a damn shame production will never happen.

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