Jaguar's Amazing V6 May Die Off In Favor Of Something Even Better

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We don't want to say goodbye to Jaguar's supercharged V6.

While some V6 engines don't sound very good, especially when compared to a proper old-school V8, Jaguar's 3.0-liter supercharged V6 isn't one of them. This engine made our list of the best sounding V6 engines on the road, and for good reason. Unfortunately, Jaguar's V6 may not be long for this word. In the UK, Autocar has already reported on the death of the V6-powered XE and XF due to changing emissions regulations. This engine will still be sold in the United States for now, but a replacement could be in the works.

Autoblog reports Jaguar could be working on a turbocharged inline-six to replace the supercharged V6. The inline-six engine would be part of Jaguar's new Ingenium line of engines with several power configurations. Three gas options would be available with 300, 400, and 500 horsepower and three diesel engines would offer 275, 335, and 400 hp along with gobs of torque. If this rumor is true, the inline-six could even encroach on the power of Jaguar's V8. These reports indicated a release date of 2017, but Jaguar may have been delayed in releasing this new engine. An inline-six makes plenty of sense, as Jaguar historically used this type of engine in the XKE and XJS.

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The straight-six is being considered because it's lighter, has fewer moving parts, and emits less pollution than a V6. We love the sound of Jaguar's current V6, but we have faith the company will be able to build an equally awesome sounding inline-six.


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