Jaguar’s Answer To Tesla Is Just Two Years Away

Expect to see an electric Jag soon.

Electric cars are all the rage right now and Jaguar is the latest automaker that wants to join the electric club. In an interview with AutoGuide, Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum revealed that an electric Jaguar is closer than we thought. “Within two years, we’ll have something that’s not driven by a petrol engine,” stated Callum. Callum joked that the model would be powered by “ a couple of hamsters.”

While a hamster-powered car sounds like an interesting thing, we’re sure Callum is referring to Jaguar’s first-ever battery-powered car. Jaguar’s staying tight-lipped on what kind of electric vehicle it would build, but it’s obviously the only direction the automaker can take as the entire industry is heading towards cleaner, more fuel-efficient powertrains. Previous reports indicate that Jaguar is planning to build a plug-in crossover called the E-Pace that would slot right below the new F-Pace. However, AutoGuide has also uncovered patent filings for I-Type and I-Pace models, which could be used for electric version of the F-Type and F-Pace. If Callum is correct, the first electric concept car should come out within the next year.

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