Jaguar's Head Of Design Wants A Four-Door F-Type

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Technical limitations no longer stand in the way of building F-Type sedan.

The man responsible for the prettiest Jaguar in recent memory, the F-Type, wants to give it two extra doors. In an interview with Australia's CarAdvice, Jaguar's head of design Ian Callum stated he would love to design a four-door variant of Jaguar's sports car, but stopped short of confirming such a car is in Jag's future plans. Still, there might not be much standing in the way of a four-door F-Type from a technical perspective.

"The notion of four doors is interesting because the idea of a four-door coupe came out originally with Jaguars, and then Mercedes-Benz latched on to the CLS and created this genre of car, which really rightfully was Jaguar's…so that's our rightful place in some ways - the four-door sports cars," Callum said. As for whether it could be technically feasible, Callum provided some insight. "The four-door aspect of a sports car makes a lot of sense. Not for every sports car, don't get me wrong, but the reason for two doors is for more structure out of the car," he said. "With modern technology, that sort of stuff doesn't really matter any more. We can engineer a car to have structure with four doors, or even pillarless doors these days."

Giving the F-Type more doors, and thus more seats, could put it head-to-head with the Porsche Panamera. A possible model could take on a similar form to these mockups created by automotive and aviation design consultancy Design Q. In those, the F-Type is imagined as not just a sedan, but a Sport Turismo as well. Callum has also expressed interest in building a four-seat GT version of the next-generation F-Type as a successor to the discontinued XK. An electric or electrified F-Type has also been rumored. As for if and when we could expect the F-Type variant, the Jaguar designer held his breath. "I couldn't possibly comment… Could you imagine that?" Callum said.

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