Jaguar's New Small Sedan Coming to Paris

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And it'll be worlds better than the old X-Type.

Jaguar is planning a new product blitz in the very near future, and perhaps the most important of those new cars will be its BMW 3 Series fighter. We've seen spy shots of prototypes caught testing in recent months, and now comes word that the company's design director, Ian Callum, recently stated that he's "finished design work" on the car. It will debut as a thinly disguised concept car at the Paris Motor Show next September.

The final production version, as of now, will debut at Geneva in March 2015. Although it's still unnamed at this time, we do know that it'll be built on Jaguar's new rear-wheel-drive and all-aluminum platform, which also underpinned the C-X17 crossover concept. Styling wise, the new sedan will continue the design direction we've seen so far in the new F-Type as well as the C-X17. Callum made clear that "This is not a time to start changing (design) direction. We've established a beautiful design and we need to start using it on a family, and this will be part of the family."

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