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Jaguar's Next Insane Specialty Model Will Be Called 'Project 9'

But which model will this special car be based on?

A few years ago, Jaguar let its Special Vehicle Operations team go nuts by turning the F-Type into the limited edition Project 7. The company followed it up with the insane Project 8, which was based on the XE sedan. Now, Vijay Pattni and Jack Rix of Top Gear report news of a Project 9 in the pipeline. The Project 7 and Project 8 have already shown how much Jaguar SVO can do when it is given free range and almost no price restrictions. The 250-unit run Project 7 was pricey at $167,000, and the 300-unit run Project 8 was even more expensive at $200,000.

Both cars were completely unique compared to the cars they were based on. The Project 7 had a roof designed to look like a D Type race car, and the Project 8 is the only XE to be available with a V8 engine. “There will be a Project 9,” John Edwards - the boss of Jag’s SVO - told Top Gear. “But there’s no decision what it will be yet. It doesn’t necessarily have to be high performance,” he added, “we’re making up the rules as we go along.” This is an interesting hint from Edwards that the Project 9 may not focus on performance like the first two models. Instead, the car could be based on something like the XJ sedan and be focused on ultra-luxury.

Another option could be an off-road version of the F-Pace, which could be an intriguing option. What ever the Project 9 ends up being, it will likely be a very special car indeed.

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