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Jaguar's SUV Will Arrive in 2016


It may just be the most serious competitor to the Porsche Macan.

The production version of the Jaguar C-X17 Concept will soon become a reality. It's a high priority over at Jaguar these days, right behind the also upcoming XE sedan. Jaguar’s ongoing resurgence is apparently on schedule, as the production-spec C-X17 will debut in 2016. At first it could be seen as a competitor to the Range Rover Evoque, but its chief rival will really be the Porsche Macan. Remember, Jaguar and Land Rover are sister companies, so the Evoque and the C-X17 will need to be different enough.

But the Macan is a different story entirely. Jaguar is dubbing the C-X17 as a "sports crossover" and it has plans to sell at least 200,000 units per year. In other words, Jaguar is betting a lot on this thing’s success. Expect to see both gasoline and diesel versions and we wouldn’t entirely rule out the possibility of a high-performance supercharged edition at some point. It’ll also offer more interior room than the Macan, something that could very well be the deciding factor for many. Jaguar chief designer Ian Callum, to summarize, stated the C-X17 is "an innovative sports crossover – one that uniquely combines our exciting sports car heritage with flexibility, usability and space."

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