Jaguar's Synergizing Hotel Suite

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51 Buckingham Gate has created a highly exclusive Jaguar-themed hotel suite for the ultimate enthusiast.

For all of their talk about synergy, co-branding and lifestyle brands, we think the new 1,832 square-foot Jaguar-themed suite at London's 51 Buckingham Gate hotel is just plain cool. The two-bedroom suite joins the five-star hotel's Prime Minister Suite and Presidential Floor (yes, floor) in being the last word in exclusive luxury in the UK's capital. The Jaguar-themed suite was designed with help from Ian Callum, Jaguar's design director, and has little touches everywhere.

There are framed pictures on all of the walls, as well as hood ornaments and models on tables and in display cases. There is even a stainless-steel fireplace that has been designed to resemble a Jaguar hood. The price for the suite is £5,100 (just shy of $8,000) per night and includes a butler service, breakfast and chauffeured transportation within London in, you guessed it, a Jaguar XJ. The price alone guarantees a fair amount of exclusivity, but for that extra touch, one does not simply call 51 Buckingham Gate and reserve the room, one applies for a reservation.

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