Jaguar's Upcoming Crossover Won't Be For Off-Roading


It will, however, be given real performance attitude.

It's no secret Jaguar is planning to launch an SUV/CUV in the next few years. Today, we can confirm that not only will the new model come in 2016 but that it will be based on something other than the Range Rover Evoque, as was widely suspected. A Jaguar product planner let slip to Car Advice that the new model, possibly to be named the XQ, won't be an SUV at all; it'll be a small crossover with a performance edge. Can anyone here imagine an off-road capable Jaguar? We didn't think so.


Instead, the new Jag will very likely be based on a car platform, specifically a modified version of the Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) that will also underpin the upcoming BMW 3 Series fighter. The F-Type is also based on a shortened version of this platform. Instead of it having any real off-road capabilities, the vehicle will have some real performance potential. If the Evoque had been used as a starting point, then the automaker would basically end up competing with itself, since both Land Rover and Jaguar have the same parent company.

It's also not usual for Jaguars and Land Rovers to be sold together in dealerships, so it'd be wise to offer customers two types of premium SUV/CUV alternatives. Two of the Q6's competitors will likely end up being the upcoming BMW X4 as well as the X6.

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