Jaguar Teases New XF Sportbrake At Wimbledon Stadium

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Jaguar's new XF Sportbrake is slated for a summer launch for the first time in the US.

With Jaguar prioritizing production of the F-Pace, the possibility of the automaker releasing a follow-up to the sublime XFR-S Sportbrake seemed unlikely. Jaguar's faith in the crossover paid off, however – the F-Pace went on to become the fastest selling vehicle in the manufacturer's history, paving the way for a new XF Sportbrake. Previously announced at the Paris Motor Show last year, Jaguar has revealed the first official teaser images of its new XF Sportbrake while also promoting its partnership with The Championships at the Wimbledon 2017 tennis tournament.

Ground officials at the stadium used the famous white paint on the Wimbledon grass to sketch the sloping lines that form the XF Sportbrake's sleek profile. Overseeing the design was Jaguar's Director of Design Ian Callum, who explained the philosophy behind the shape of the Sportbrake. "With XF Sportbrake we've created a silhouette which sweeps towards the rear, almost into the distance, and really gives the car a sense of speed and sportiness. It will bring new levels of practicality to the range without sacrificing the dynamic design and agile handling our customers expect." Another official photo reveals that the new XF Sportbrake has gained a large panoramic roof with gloss black roof rails.

Previous sightings of the new Jaguar wagon in the wild show an exterior design that bares a close resemblance to the XF sedan, with the added practicality of a larger trunk and extra rear head room to rival the likes of the Audi A6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon. As well as sharing the same aluminum architecture of its sedan sibling, Autocar reports that the new XF Sportbrake will adopt the same engine range, including 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel base models and a more potent 3.0-liter S model with a supercharged V6 producing 375-horsepower. R and SVR variants could follow later down the line with the same supercharged 5.0-liter engines as the XF sedan.

Should that happen, the XF Sportbrake could become one of the fastest wagons on the market. The only official detail Jaguar has revealed is that the new XF Sportbrake is slated for a summer release. It will also be available in the US for the first time, so Americans pining for a Jaguar that has practicality of the F-Pace crossover with the sporty performance of the XF sedan finally have an alternative option.

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