Jaguar to Ditch Oval Grille

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Oval is out. Trapezoid is in.

Jaguar is on a design hot streak right now, and the UK-based brand will continue to evolve its styling language. How so exactly? It's going to permanently ditch that oval-shaped front grille currently seen on models like the XK. Jaguar design boss Ian Callum has stated that instead of the oval, a trapezoidal-shaped grille will take its place, as currently seen on the F-Type and the C-X17 SUV concept. Callum wanted the F-Type to be the start of something new for the brand.

Giving it that more pronounced and forceful new grille design was just one way of doing so. Interestingly enough, Callum also said that at one point he considered giving the F-Type the oval grille, but instead wanted to try something new. He also claimed that the F-Type's grille drew inspiration from the original Jaguar XJ. At the same time, Callum said the next XK "will have a different job to do" in the model lineup since the arrival of the F-Type. There will be a new one, but it'll likely become more a grand tourer to compete with the likes of the Mercedes SL.

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