Jaguar to Expand R-S and GT Range

The XKR-S GT will the first in a series of extreme Jaguars, with the new R-S and R-S GT badges to feature across the model line-up.

After unveilingits XKR-S GT at the New York Auto Show, Jaguar revealed that the 30-unit limited run of its street-legal race car would be extended due to popular demand. Better still, Edmunds is reporting the extreme LeapingCat will be the first in a new series of limited-run Jags. Design director Wayne Burgess explained that from now on, “R” will be usedfor standard performance models, aimed at buyers wanting something sportierthan a stock Jag, while the “R-S” badge will top enthusiast-focused models, rivalingBMW’s M and Mercedes’ AMG variants.

The “R-S GT” will be reserved for hand-built, limited-edition track-focused cars, akin to AMG’s Black Series. While there’s no word on what the next GT model will be, Burgess admitted the new F-Type is a worthy candidate. That backs up recent reports of Jaguar working on a 600hp variant of the two-seater sports car. The upcoming XFR-S also has the potential to spawn an extreme offspring, as do all future models, with the new R-S and R-S GT badges set to feature across the range. Sister company Land Rover could also adopt Jaguar’s performance badging. A high-performance Range Rover Sport has been spied, suggesting JLR was testing an “R” or “R-S” version of the luxury SUV as well.

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