Jaguar to Roll Out Five Cars in Five Years


A major expansion of the British marque kicks off this year.

Recent spy shots revealed the face of the upcoming XE sedan. This will be the first of five models Jaguar has planned over the next five years as the British brand ambitiously attempts to take the fight to Germany's big guns. The Audi A4/Mercedes C-Class/BMW 3 Series fighter will be introduced later this year, and in 2015 the F-Type will begin its expansion. All-wheel drive will be available for most F-Type models by 2016, and a Speedster inspired by the gorgeous Project 7 concept is also on the table.

A 300-hp four-cylinder F-type and a limited-run range-topping GT Coupe street racer with 600 hp will eventually bookend the lineup. By early 2016, the second-generation XF sedan will have arrived with a wagon to follow 12 months later. New four-pot engines will motivate the big-selling XFs that will run on Jaguar's new aluminum architecture, while R-S and GT versions will deliver up to 600 hp as the range's halo models. In 2017 Jaguar will roll out the replacement of the soon-to-be-discontinued XK using a stretched F-Type platform tentatively dubbed the XR. Double the price of the current XK, the XR would be positioned against the likes of the Bentley Continental GT and Aston DB9 running V6 engines.

2018 will see the next XJ arrive with more traditional proportions and a lavish interior, while in 2019 the Mercedes S-Class Coupe will finally receive a rival (assuming Audi fails to deliver the A9 and BMW opts against reviving the 8 Series) in the shape of a four-seat coupe derived from the XJ architecture. By the end of the decade, a new Jaguar supermini that's frugal and front-wheel drive will join the likes of Audi's A1 and the BMW 1 Series in order to help the brand meet strict EU emissions average of 95g/km CO2 set for 2020.

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