Jaguar To Up The Price Of The F-Type With The Addition Of A Roof

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Porsche's model might be slightly annoying, but in theory it does mean a faster car.

The longstanding norm in the automotive industry is that convertibles cost more than their hardtop counterparts. And this stands to reason, it just makes sense for the added mechanical complexity to cost more. The standout exception to this rule has been the less-costs-more philosophy of Porsche, which dictates that the hardtop Cayman must cost more than the convertible Boxster. But there may soon be another example from Jaguar.

The Australian magazine "Drive" reports that, although Jaguar was reluctant to even admit that there would be a coupe at first, the news that it has been officially confirmed has been followed up with news that it would carry a premium over the convertible. The good news is that, just as we've seen with Porsche, the hardtop will also be a more power, more focused sports car than the convertible already in production. Indeed, it has even been speculated that a new top performance trim will be brought out for the coupe, and we can maybe even hope for a race-ready GT3 version.

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