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Jaguar Will Continue Building The Cars You Love

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Although they may well come with all-electric powertrains.

Jaguar Land Rover desperately needs to improve its financial situation right now, which is why the automaker recently scrapped the Range Rover Coupe SV and the Discovery SVX before either model had entered production and instead focus on profitable models like the new Range Rover Evoque and the new Discovery. If you were worried this will mean low-volume sports coupes like the F-Type will become extinct, then fear not. Jaguar has a long history of two-door sports cars and has no intention to stop building them any time soon.

"There will always be a Jag two-door coupe in the lineup, because that's the story of what we're about and you can't build a brand without a story," Jaguar design director Ian Callum told Top Gear in a recent interview. "A two-door coupe is essential to the brand. The volumes may not be high but we will build two-door sports cars and the rest will grow from that." That may sound surprising considering that F-Type sales fell to 2,268 units in the US, which was a nearly 50 percent decline from 2017.

While a successor to the F-Type is expected to launch by 2021, don't expect to see a two-door version of the XE to rival the BMW 4 Series or C Class Coupe. "The coupe market is more difficult, it's more niche," said Callum. "I think for a specialist like us the coupe becomes more of a challenge because the volume of sales isn't big enough – otherwise I'd love to have done a two-door version of this car."

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As for potential powertrains, rumors have suggested the next-generation F-Type could be offered with an electric powertrain or a BMW-sourced twin-turbo V8. Callum admitted that an electric powertrain is possible since every new Jaguar model from 2020 will have some form of electrification, whether it's fully electric, plug-in hybrid or a mild hybrid. "I think ultimately, we're all going to go electric," he said. "It's inevitable - and I think Jaguar is going to lead the way in that, but with the sports car side of it we can't say yet."