Jaguar Will Pay You To Ditch Your Tesla


Jaguar really, really wants to get you in an I-Pace.

The all-electric I-Pace has been garnering glowing reviews, but Jaguar has been having trouble leveraging that buzz into sales.. Market performance has been half decent in Europe, but things aren't taking off in the US, where it only delivered 1,500 I-Pace models so far this year – despite an attractive 0% finance offer. But Jaguar isn't giving up on the all-new vehicle, which launched last year with a $69,850 sticker price.

According to The Drive, Jaguar is offering what's known in the trade as a "dealer conquest" deal – the target being existing electric-vehicle owners, and more specifically, Tesla owners.


The adverts offer a massive $3,000 "Tesla conquest" incentive on top of the already heavy discounts being offered on the I-Pace. Added to a dealer discount of $5,000 and an allowance credit (which can't be used with the 0% finance offer) of $7,000, that adds up to a possible total of $15,000 off of a brand new I-Pace. That means $54,850 for Jaguar's electric SUV.

The British automaker says that all you need is proof of ownership/registration to lease or purchase a new 2019 I-Pace at the discounted rate, with no trade-in is required. It does require dealer participation, but with an average of just 200 I-Pace models being sold per month in the US, that shouldn't be a problem.

Tesla_truth via Twitter

The offer first came to mass attention through a pro-Tesla twitter account, because that's a thing. Understandably, given the cult of Tesla where members believe the company can do no wrong and any competitor or criticism is deemed "wrong," the response has been derisive. However, it's a genuine shot across the bow of Tesla who is still having trouble ramping up production and keeping its often grandiose promises.

Conversely, Jaguar has, by all accounts, built an excellent electric vehicle, and has been building cars for a long time and knows how to scale production when it needs to. However the offer runs only until the end of August, so there's just a couple of weeks left for Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X owners to take advantage of the added discount.


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