Jaguar Won't Follow BMW's Lead On Grille Sizing

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Jaguar's Director of Design isn't crazy about how big car grilles have grown.

Chances are that if you've seen any recent BMW passenger vehicles, you've taken notice of a certain hard-to-miss design trend: the brand's enormous grilles. Gone are the familiar reasonably-sized kidney grilles of yore, replaced by big, monstrous buck teeth that look as though they're ready to chomp on whatever car happens to be in front of them.

In a recent interview with Car Throttle, Jaguar's Director of Design, Julian Thomson, reassured everyone that Jaguar will not be going the same direction with its own designs. Jaguar will never "torture the metal" in that way, he promised, referring to rival firms that are currently "doing faces only a mother could love."

Front View Driving Jaguar
Front View Driving Jaguar

Thomson chalks the over-the-top front fascia designs up to a shift in focus toward the Chinese market, which continues to be a promising area of future growth for the world's automakers.

"China's a first generation of car owners, or second-generation now, and they have been quite brand obsessed, but not knowing what brand was what," he told Car Throttle. "A lot of manufacturers have reacted to this by doing very strong faces on their cars, just to get known."

Thomson says that Jaguar, too, needs to distinguish itself in order to put itself on the map in the Chinese market, but the brand aims to do that in a way that "has some real integrity and civility about it."

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Mind you, the grille on the refreshed 2021 Jaguar F-Type is noticeably bigger than the one on the pre-refresh car, but for right now, Thomson says that represents the limit of what the brand is willing to do.

The new F-Type bowed last December, featuring restyled front and rear ends, a lightly tweaked interior, and some other mild updates. Engine options carry over essentially unchanged, with a turbocharged four, and supercharged V6 and V8 mills still on offer.

Top View Jaguar
Rear View Driving Jaguar
Front Seats Jaguar
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