Jaguar XJ AWD Heads to the Arctic

The big cat’s new all-wheel drive system is put to the test where the sun rarely shines and the temperature remains way below zero.

Jaguar recently rolled out its new Instinctive All Wheel Drive system on the XF and XJ sedans. Designed with customers in the northern US and Canada in mind, Jaguar has finally caught up with the likes of Mercedes-Benz (with its 4Matic system), BMW (xDrive) and Audi (Quattro), and is hopeful its big cats will attract those living in northern climates. Leno's foreign correspondent Jeremy Hart recently tested out the brand-new 2013 XJ in such conditions by heading to one of the coldest places on Earth.

From there he travels to the end of the world's most northern road where the Arctic's sunset is ever-present during those perpetual sub-zero winter months. Check out the frozen action in the video below.

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