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Jaguar XJ Ultimate: Drive It or Be Chauffeured?

No matter where you're sitting, the XJ will make you one very happy person.

Yes, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate is powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that pumps out a bonkers 510 horsepower. Considering the size of this luxury sedan, that output is quite something. And at the same time, the XJ Ultimate isn’t such a bad alternative to a full-blown limousine. So what if it’s shorter than a stretched limo? It's what’s available to rear seat passengers that’ll surely make you reconsider driving it.

Whether it’s a privacy screen, flat screens, a table or iPads, rear seat occupants of the XJ Ultimate are treated to some of the greatest creature comforts available in a factory-built car. And now the guys over at XCAR get behind the wheel – and plop down in the rear seat – of this big kitty for a little joy cruise.

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Jaguar XJ Sedan
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