Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition Comes With Epic Price Tag

Because you need to look good when someone else is driving your car.

Set to make its official premiere at the Beijing Motor Show this week, the Jaguar XJ Ultimate Edition is very much appropriately named. We're still waiting for a press release, but for now we have these official photos. Yes, it looks great, but what exactly makes it so 'Ultimate'? According to a few sources, it will carry a price tag of at least $175,000 and will feature two separate, fully-reclining rear seats as well as folding aluminum tables and a cabinet specifically for a bottle of champagne.

In addition, there are built-in iPad tablets behind each of the front seats and there are also TV screens in the headrests. Yes, there are two entertainment screens for each back seat passenger. Remember, the XJ Ultimate Edition isn't so much about the behind the wheel driving experience, but rather the ride itself. In China, big luxury sedans are a status symbol of wealth and success. Their owners have no interest in driving them; that's what they hire the chauffer for. We'll have full details shortly but for now enjoy the pictures.

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