Jaguar XJ220 Being Used as a Billboard for Burgers

Few things are sadder to see than a beast contained in captivity.

Have you ever walked around a zoo and couldn't help but feel sorry for the animals? We felt the same way when we saw this Jaguar XJ220 reduced from its former glory by confining it to a Dubai mall as a mobile billboard for a Burger restaurant called Mooyah. We get it, to survive in business today, one must do clever things to make their product and service stand out and we suppose hamburgers (hopefully good ones) are no exception. But come on Mooyah, the XJ220? There has to be a better way than this?

One Jaguar and thousands of car fans were spiritually harmed in the making of this advertisement. At least use the Jag to make the deliveries, now that would be cooler and would probably fetch bigger headlines too.

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