Jaguar XKR-S by Arden

German tuner does its thing with Jaguar's top-of-the-line convertible, but the results won't be for everyone.

When Jaguar transformed the XK into the XKR-S, it tuned its supercharged V8 to 543 horsepower. That much is hard not to like, but the visual upgrades...well, let's just say it reminds us of an admiral from Star Wars. Now German Jag tuner Arden has added some further visual mods to the XKR-S convertible, but unfortunately it doesn't help the car's appearance. Arden's AJ 20 R-S package adds a two-piece front spoiler, new side skirts, rear vents, a polished steel mesh grille and 21-inch wheels, along with a Leaping Cat hood ornament that looks out of place.

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