Jaguar XKSS Could Be The Next Continuation Model

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Surviving examples will only cost most of your internal organs.

Last August Jaguar Special Operations (SVO) revealed something very special: the Lightweight E-Type, of which only six were built. The story behind it dates back to 1963 when Jaguar only managed to build 12 of the planned 18-Lightweight E-Type run. In other words, six units never happened, but Jaguar fixed this error last summer. The first "new" Lightweight E-Type was shown at Pebble Beach and the remaining five are currently in production. And now Jaguar appears ready to build a new limited production run of another classic: the XKSS.

According to Dutch website Autovisie, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) SVO Managing Director John Edwards said the division is currently looking for a Lightweight E-Type follow-up and hinted that the XKSS is a top contender. The XKSS, which was the D-Type racer converted to road use, dates back to the mid-1950s. The original plan was to build 25 examples but a production plant fire destroyed nine of them. Perhaps now's the time to replace those nine. The surviving XKSS units have now become highly prized collectibles, selling for millions of dollars. Of course Steve McQueen owned one, too. Edwards made plain and clear that any revival model must have an interesting backstory, and the XKSS certainly does.

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