James Bond Aston Martin Sells for $4.6 Million

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The famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in the classic James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball has officially been sold at auction. Yes, we know, you were seriously considering a bid. Too bad the final price was $4.6 million big ones. The now previous owner, Jerry Lee, owned the car for many years and will use the auction money to benefit his own charity organization. The lucky new owner is Harry Yeaggy.

Interestingly, the car will now make the journey from its native London, England to Ohio, USA. Mr. Yeaggy will not only own a car driven by Sir Sean Connery in those classic films, but will also be able to enjoy its many, shall we say, extra features. Not only is it fully drivable, it has dual machine guns behind the driving lights, revolving license plates, ejector seat, blast shield, slicer wheel caps, and console-activated oil slicks. Whether they work or not is something else, but it's good knowing your car is way cooler than everybody else's.

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