James Bond Runs into Trouble with India… Obviously


James Bond takes on India in the 23rd edition of the popular spy series.

Sometimes reality gets in the way of fantasy. Usually this isn't applicable in James Bond films, as Mr. Bond can been seen fighting men with the ability to turn things into gold from the slightest touch to fighting women with legs way stronger than they should be. It turns out the Indian government forced a rewrite in the latest James Bond film. Starring Daniel Craig, the 23rd installment of the Bond series takes place in and around India.

The script originally dictated that Bond would jump his motorcycle onto the roof of a moving train, which was all fine and good. The problem laid in having people ride on the train illegally, hanging from the sides and all that chicanery. The Indian government is trying to discourage the dangerous and common practice, so they forced the studio to rethink the scene. They eventually acquiesced and ran the scene with all the passengers inside. "Rooftop travel is illegal in India and it cannot be encouraged, there are many trains in India and not all trains have people travelling on the rooftops," Indian Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi told AFP.

We expect Bond to have responded: "Accidents do happen" to which Q, or in this case an Indian official said: "They usually do with you 007." And then they changed their plans because insurance is expense, even for James Bond.

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