James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 Is An Insurance Nightmare

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Big surprise there.

Let's just say that James Bond has a long history of messing up his cars. Bullets, the occasional rocket fire, and high-speed chases are definitely insurance liabilities. Hopefully fictional secret government agents have a good benefits plan. But one insurance company figured it'd be fun to analyze how much it'd cost for MI6 to insure agent 007's brand new Aston Martin DB10 in the upcoming flick "Spectre." Using their own analysis tools, here are the figures:

Based on Bond's age (47) number of near death experiences (100+), likelihood to take the law into his own hands (100%), the number of cars written-off so far (30+), and the fact the DB10 has an estimated value of $928,000, with an estimated cost of $30,900 to insure. What about that Jaguar C-X75, the Land Rover Defender and the Range Rover Sport SVR? Chances are they'll get a scratch or several. Taking into account their total combined value, the insurance payout is an estimated $1.34 million. Bottom line, the cars of "Spectre" would cost around $2.3 million to insure.

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