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James Bond's Lotus Esprit Submarine Costs $1M

1977 Esprit starred as amphibious prop car in "The Spy Who Loved Me."

Whenyou talk about the star quality of movie cars, it doesn't get much betterthan having been a former James Bond ride. But beyond the famous lineup of AstonMartins driven by successive 007s, there are some less-known, yet even moreawesome, cars that have played a role in legendary Bond car chases and escapes.One of those, this 1977 Lotus Esprit "submarine", was driven by RogerMoore in "The Spy Who Loved Me." The car transformsinto a submarine, taking Bond to an underwater villain's lair.

Now, an eBay seller is offering the prop car, a non-driving example, forsale. It is a submarine one side, car on the other, and rests on a display platform.This is a good thing, because displaying it is the only thing you can really dowith it. The price? The seller has a Buy It Now price of $1,000,000. Good luck getting that.

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