James May Once Forgot That You Need A Steering Wheel To Drive

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How does this happen to a seasoned driver?

You'd think that after a lifetime of reviewing cars of many makes and models, some as peculiar as the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento and others as plain as the Dacia Sandero, James May would have a fairly good idea of the basics of operating a car. Not so, at least according to his last confession in a teaser clip for "The Grand Tour." Apparently, May once got into a race car, got strapped in and ready, and then took off in first gear before realizing that the steering wheel was missing. At least the brake pedal was presumably still there.

Luckily for May he didn't get far before realizing his mistake. The best part of this video is how incredulous Clarkson and Hammond are. The second best part is Clarkson's jacket.

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