James May Says His New Amazon Show Will Ditch A Key Part Of Top Gear's Format


He also drops info on how many episodes the trio has lined up.

We're guilty of reporting just about each and everything update from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond regarding their new Amazon show. Sue us. A few days back we learned that the show would drop this fall and now James May has given some more details on the upcoming series in an interview with The Guardian. The biggest bit of new info is that the series will stretch at least 30 episodes, with the first season checking in at 11 episodes. Also, there's a significant format change planned.

Remember the studio scenes from the old "Top Gear" that everyone loved? Yeah, those are out according to May. "We are not a studio-centred thing anymore. We are making a series of TV films and we don't have a base. It is massively expensive what we are doing, for reasons that I hope will become apparent when you see it. We are doing more episodes than we did in the latter days of Top Gear. It is quite intense." The British presenter also said that reports of the trio's salary split, with Clarkson cashing £10 million and Hammond and May getting £7 million apiece was "all bollocks." And like Clarkson, who just last week spoke on the BBC, May has an opinion about the new "Top Gear" and its stunt gone wrong at the Cenotaph.

Of course in typical British fashion his criticism was measured. He dubbed the stunt "probably a little bit ill-judged" and "a little unwise." All BBC bashing aside here's what we know about the trio's new Amazon show: it debuts in fall, the studio segment is gone and it won't be called "Gear Knobs." So we basically know nothing, still.

Source Credits: www.theguardian.com

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