James May Wants The World To Know He's Still Alive


Clarkson and Hammond both escaped death recently. May has been lucky (so far).

Unlike his co-hosts on The Grand Tour, James May managed to escape filming the show’s second season physically unscathed. Richard Hammond nearly died but still broke his leg after flipping a Rimac Concept_One hypercar, and Jeremy Clarkson was hospitalized for a week with pneumonia. Now that the two are out of danger and have fully recovered, it’s time to make fun of everything that happened, as is typical operating procedure with these three.

Ahead of The Grand Tour’s season premiere, there have been some videos released showing the trio interviewing new test drivers, teaching them how to become more American, and now this: the so-called James May survival guide.

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Experience a day in the life of James May as he goes about his business, like working on his motorbike in his little workshop and visiting his co-hosts in the hospital. All the while, May manages to cheat death without even realizing it. Unfortunately, as life often proves, luck runs out at some point. Hopefully James May’s luck will continue for years to come. As for Clarkson, don’t let yourself get to the point where you need to be hospitalized. Take a few days off and rest every now and then. For Hammond, well, his track record of being injured while on the job already wasn’t that great. Best of luck to all three. The new season of The Grand Tour premieres on Amazon Prime on December 8.