James May Will Be Back On TV Very Soon But Not On Amazon


It's not Top Gear, but it is about cars.

We all know that the three former hosts of BBC's "Top Gear" have, lets just say, left to start a show on Amazon Prime. Despite no longer being employed by the BBC, it seems that former host James May will be appearing on BBC2 to talk about cars. May posted on twitter that he has "Good news! Bollox about cars will be returns to Sunday evenings. Cars of the People, BBC2, 9 PM." He then adds #plug for doing such an oblivious advertisement for his own show. While we wait for the trio's new show on Amazon, James May's special should keep us occupied.

The Cars of the People special began in 2014. The show chronicles the birth of affordable transportation for the masses, and features the same humor that has come to be expected from a "Top Gear" host. In the first season of the show, James drove cars ranging from the original Volkswagen Beetle and cheap Lada, all the way to expensive luxury cars like Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini Countach. We definitely cannot wait to see Captain Slow back on television.

Source Credits: www.bbc.co.uk

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