Jamie Foxx Just Bought The Extreme Rezvani Tank SUV


If you want an SUV that stands out from the crowd, an armored Rezvani Tank does the job.

It isn't just exotic supercars that celebrities splash their cash on. Many are seen driving luxury SUVs, which are also considered status symbols. Case in point: Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx, who appeared in the car chase movie Baby Driver last year, has posted photos on social media posing next to an extreme SUV that arguably looks just as conspicuous as the gold Bugatti Veyron he recently showed off. That's because this is no ordinary SUV: it's an armored Rezvani Tank.

It was only revealed last October, so it looks as if Foxx has taken delivery of one of the first production examples. However, Foxx hasn't said whether he owns it or not, so it's possible it could have been loaned to the Hollywood star. In photos posted by Splash News, Foxx was spotted driving the SUV along the streets of Malibu after leaving a posh restaurant. If his aim was to stand out from the crowd, then he certainly succeeded as the military-inspired Rezvani Tank is one of the most outlandish SUVs currently on the market. Essentially an armored city car, the extreme SUV features a body-on-frame design, on-demand four-wheel drive and a best-in-class suspension system.

Optional extras include thermal night vision, ballistic armor protection, bulletproof glass, and military grade run-flat tires. If he has bought one, we don't think he bought it for its practicality, somehow. Under the hood lies a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 producing 500 hp, though a cheaper V6 model is also now available. A V8 Rezvani Tank will set you back $178,500, while prices for the V6 version start at $146,000.


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