Jamie Foxx Shows Off His Gold Bugatti Veyron


Never has a Bugatti Veyron looked as garish as this.

Supercars were never designed to be subtle, but that hasn’t stopped wealthy celebrities from making some outlandish modifications to make their rides stand out from the crowd. Take actor Jamie Foxx, for example. Normally, a stock Bugatti Veyron would attract a lot of attention on the street. It is, after all, one of the defining hypercars of the 21st century. Foxx, however, didn’t think his Veyron was eye catching enough. So he coated the entire body in gold.

A photo posted on Instagram shows Foxx posing proudly next to his gleaming gold hypercar. He didn’t explain how the finish was applied, but it’s probably safe to assume it’s a gold vinyl wrap. Then again, he probably has the money to adorn it with actual gold. He certainly hasn’t shown any restraint, as only the front grille, center wheel cap area, and door handles have been kept stock. Even the Veyron's wheels have been painted gold to match the extreme exterior. Originally, the Hollywood star’s Veyron was finished in a standard blue and black two-tone paint scheme, as shown in a photo he shared on Instagram last year.

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Sure, you could argue that Foxx’s gold Veyron is obscenely garish, but it’s befitting, in a way, for a car that originally cost over $1 million. You have to wonder what he would do to a Bugatti Chiron, if he intends to buy one. Foxx is known for his starring roles in Django Unchained, Collateral and White House Down, and will soon be appearing in Edgar Wright’s upcoming car chase heist movie Baby Driver.