Jamie Oliver Gets Custom Land Rover Discovery With Built-In Toaster

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Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations really went nuts on this one.

Jaguar-Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) creates the fastest and most luxurious custom cars for the two brands. SVO is best known for building powerful SVR versions of Jaguar and Land Rover models, but sometimes the division can go a step further to create some truly custom models. We've seen SVO team up with gunmaker Holland & Holland to create a special Range Rover. Now SVO has met with celebrity chef, Jaime Oliver, to create a custom Discovery that is suited for the British cook's unique needs.

Non-UK residents may remember Oliver from an appearance on Top Gear where he made a salad while being driven around the track by the Stig. Oliver was bounced around in his Porsche-powered VW camper van while getting salad everywhere.

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The Discovery already has some unique features, like a built-in refrigerator, but Oliver had some unique requests for the SVO team. Oliver asked Land Rover's SVO team to build him a car with a toaster, a pull-out table with a grill, a spinning rotisserie, a coffee maker, and an olive oil dispenser.

SVO told Oliver that anything was possible, and the team really delivered. The resulting Discovery has every feature that Oliver requested, all integrated seamlessly into what is otherwise a stock car. We especially love how the rotisseries comes out of the Land Rover badge in the front. We can't imagine how much this cost to build, but it is certainly cool.

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