Jannarelly Announces The Sexiest Coupe That Will Go On Sale In 2017


Even the Jaguar F-Type could lose a beauty pageant to the hard top Design-1.

Like any catchphrase that comes into vogue, the word "hipster" is slowly dying out even though the culture that it's been used to describe has had a lasting impact. Fixed gear bicycles and hairstyles not seen since the earlier 1900s saw their resurgence during the 2010s, but not many automakers offered cars to go with these style choices. That is until Anthony Jannarelly, designer of the Lykan Hypersport, started his own car company and debuted the Design-1, a 1960's inspired roadster.

Like many do during the holiday season, Jannarelly sat down to write a message wishing fans a happy new year. However, Jannarelly also decided to include plans for a coupe version of the Design-1 in its holiday wishes. Actually, coupe isn't the right way to describe the car. Targa top is the appropriate term thanks to the separation line we see between the roof and newly added rear coupe roofline. While the original Design-1 looked great, the new lines placed to support a hard top roof change the game entirely. Only 30 Design-1s were ever sent to the US at $55,000 a pop, but given its looks, we sincerely hope that Jannarelly brings more to America barring a severe increase in price.

The original Design-1 was intended for the enthusiast thanks to a low curb weight, rear-wheel drive, and a steel tubular frame cladded by aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass body parts. It was powered by a Nissan-sourced naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 armed with 300 horsepower, which is then routed to the rear via a six-speed manual transmission. None of that hardware should change in the hard top Design-1 although we hope that the 135 mph top speed gets an increase thanks to the wind-friendly roof. Since we expect price to stay reasonable, the Jannarelly Design-1 coupe will likely be the best option for those wanting extreme and timeless style and don't want to spend $90,000 on a Jaguar F-Type.


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