Japan and Nissan Test Roadside EV Charging

Ah yes, range anxiety. It's one of the main issues regarding EVs and owners and automakers alike. And while EV owners usually love their EVs (or the fact they're driving an EV, take your pick), range anxiety is undoubtedly an issue. But now, the Japan Automotive Federation (JAF) and Nissan have begun joint testing a unique kind of roadside service that's equipped with an EV charger.

As improvements in battery technology continue, with the goal is to decrease the rate in which charging is required, engineers are trying to create a real-world solution to EV recharging with this EV recharging station. Both groups have an interest in promoting EV technology to the public and its supposed environmental benefits, so this joint effort makes sense. In regards to safety, station technicians are being given insulated gloves and goggles while recharging vehicles. This is a major factor when it comes to EVs - preventing people from being electrocuted.

The U.S. is also currently working on a project that involves handling EVs that have been in accidents. As such, the removal of the battery and other related electric components is not exactly the safest thing to be doing.

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