Japan: Office-K Mansory Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster Renovatio

Office-K has released some pictures of their latest project, the Mansory Merc SLR McLaren Roadster Renovatio.

Office-K, the maintenance and tuning company from Japan, has sent some new photos of their latest project to the fellas over at GTSpirit and it looks terrific. The new project was based on the Mansory Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster. Mansory, the tuning company based out of Switzerland/Germany, did a terrific job on the SLR already however it wasn't enough for the Japanese car customizes. They have added a naked carbon fiber-finished body kit and black matte doors to the Mansory Renovatio Roadster.

A gnarly side exhaust system has also been added, increasing power to around 700hp. It sits on a set of custom Forgiato wheels.

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