Japan's R34 GT-R Cop Car Has Just Been Caught Doing Real Police Work

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Good luck running from this cop in a kei car.

Most of the cool cop cars we see from around the world have one thing in common: They don't do any actual police work. That's perfectly fair as a supercar in police livery is still a supercar. That means it's both expensive to maintain and repair, two things that need doing when a car has miles put on it over the course of a police chase. Japan is the exception to this rule, at least in one case. YouTuber Adam Zillin lost his mind, and rightfully so, when he saw an R34 GT-R in police livery driving on the Kan-Etsu expressway.

Zillin reacts the way most gearheads would, begging the cop to slow down so that he can get a good look at this law and order-spec Godzilla for himself.

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Mercifully the cop does slow down and we're treated to a quick view of this police GT-R in all its glory. To us Americans, and to Mr. Zillin, this thing is a unicorn. Over in Japan a clean R34 GT-R is probably a head-turner but not a source of unfiltered joy, even in police livery. Remember that this Godzilla sent just "276 horsepower" to all four wheels. It looks super badass but is underpowered by American police interceptor standards. Japanese drivers probably don't bat an eye when they see them on the road. That's a shame as GT-R cop car actually doing cop stuff is so damn cool!

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